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        Product Exhibition
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        Company Advantage
        Company Advantage
        Company profile
        Shenzhen Longxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech electronic company that provides one-stop order distribution services from product research and development programs. The company operates market-oriented companies that mainly serve medical and health electronics, new energy, 5G, automotive electronics, big data, industrial applications, artificial intelligence, AI robots, environmental monitoring and other companies in line with the direction of future industrial development. It is also a service provider that provides global supply of high-end IC goods such as aerospace, cold door, shortage and discontinued products.
        Main brand IC brand (8-bit 32 bit MCU):
        Infineon ST TI XILINX Altera ADI NXP FREESCALE Renesas Toshiba ON、ESPRESSIF
        Sensor brand: Heimann Sensirion MEMSF
        GPU: Cambrian
        Applications: power management, motor drive, amplifier, comparator, logic device, signal transmission, intelligent induction, gas monitoring, etc
        Related solutions: face recognition+temperature measurement/energy storage solution/smart park/robot/medical health/environmental gas detection
              Heimann sensor, Germany: Heimann is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality infrared thermopiles, thermopile modules (including advanced signal processing) and thermopile arrays, which are used for remote temperature measurement and gas detection. With strong innovation ability, Hyman sensor is the world market leader in low pixel infrared imaging. Our thermopile array also holds the world record for the highest spatial resolution thermopile array, with a resolution of 120x84 pixels. In addition to thermopiles, the product portfolio also includes pyroelectric sensors, infrared light sources and vacuum sensors. Hyman sensors manufacture more than 15 million sensors every year, and this trend is on the rise. Hyman is a company certified by DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition to the products produced and sold, Hyman Heimann also attaches great importance to the development of new, better, smaller and faster infrared thermopile products and gas concentration measurement equipment.
              Hyman sensor application scenario:
        Household appliances: microwave oven (measuring food temperature), hair dryer (with hair dryer cover), air conditioner (energy-saving/air-conditioning control), temperature control of various cooking equipment, various energy-saving controls (energy-saving control when not watching TV, etc.)
        Automobile: indoor environment control, seat detection, night vision, object detection, pre collision detection, carbon dioxide (CO 2) management and air conditioning control, road icing detection
        Medical care: ear thermometer, exhalation (CO 2) measuring equipment, anesthetic metering device, temperature control of medical equipment (blood transfusion temperature, etc.), beauty instrument (skin condition inspection)
        Business machine: printer/copier
        Industrial equipment: non-contact thermometer for industrial equipment and facilities, hot spot detection (switchboard monitoring, etc.), process control and monitoring (such as paint application process temperature), incubator and carbon dioxide (CO 2) generator (concentration measurement), laser processing machine (laser intensity monitoring)
        Safety: human detection
        News Information
        • Gasflamme-mid-1920w.webp
          German Heimann NDIR gas sensor model recommendation   Leaking flammable hydrocarbon gas can lead to health risks, environmental poisoning and high economic costs. The detection of gas leaks will help...
          German Heimann NDIR gas sensor model recommendation   Leaking flammable hydrocarbon gas can lead to health risks, environmental poisoni...
          German Heimann NDIR gas sensor model...
        • hot-spot-detection_mid-f243e63c-1920w.webp
          Heimann Sensor Hot Spot Detection and Flagging Model recommendation   Because thermopile arrays gather thermal images, it follows that they can be easily employed for hot spot detection applications....
          Heimann Sensor Hot Spot Detection and Flagging Model recommendation   Because thermopile arrays gather thermal images, it follows that ...
          Heimann Sensor Hot Spot Detection an...
        • Persons-bearb-be9c998c-e8fc9033-1920w.webp
          Intrusion Detection, the automated sensing of a new person or animal into a surveilled area, is one of the main applications of low-resolution thermopile arrays like Heimann Sensor's 32x32 or Heimann ...
          Intrusion Detection, the automated sensing of a new person or animal into a surveilled area, is one of the main applications of low-reso...
          Intrusion Detection, the automated s...
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